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Automatic Stirrup Bender WG-12E-1

Automatic Stirrup Bender WG-12E-1

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Automatic Stirrup Bender Model No- WG-12E-1

Technical data

Production Capacity

Single Wire

Φ5 – 13 [mm]

Double Wire

Φ5 – 10 [mm]

Max. Bending Angle

±180° [Double Direction]

Max. Bending Speed

1200 [°/sec]

Max. Pulling Speed

110 [m/min]

Mandrel Diameter

Φ13 – Φ30 [mm]

Min. Length of the Stirrup Side

75 [mm]

Length Tolerance

± 1 [mm]

Bending Tolerance

± 1°

Average air-compressed consumption


Average Electric Power Consumption

6 kW/h

Labeled Electric Power



415 V – 50 Hz

Working Environmental Temperature

-50 C to 400C