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Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine

Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine

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Our Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine is controlled by CNC with Automatic Wire Feeding System. Split, Multi Blade Design (Patented) to reduce consumption costs. Our One single machine contains straightening, stirrup bending & cutting. It can automatically straighten, bend and cut bar wire instead of 20~30 workers & it reduces too much cost. It can produce 1200~1300 Rings in a hour in comparison to traditional method to make bar ring where you can only make 1200~1300 rings in 12 hour shift also compromising the accuracy and consistency. Our Automatic Stirrup Production Capacity 230-320 Tons 10 Hour per Day x 2 shift for 26 Days in a month. In today's world where projects are time bound. Our Automatic Stirrup Machine is right Choice for them.  Our Stirrup Bender can edit any 2D Shapes with Max. 50 Angles, the data base can store more than 500 shapes. Different shapes can be processed continuously without stop, furthermore no need to stop the processing while adjusting the bending angle.

Technical Details :

Production Capacity

Single Wire

13 [mm]

Double Wire

10 [mm]

Production Capacity Per Month

280-320 Tons with 10 Hours x 2 shifts/Day and 26 Days/month

Max. Bending Angle

 [Double Direction]

Max. Bending Speed

1100 /sec]

Max. Pulling Speed

110 [m/min]

Mandrel Diameter

25 -30 [mm]

Max. Length of the Stirrup Side

2300 [mm]

Min. Length of the Stirrup Side

120 [mm]

Length Tolerance

± 1 [mm]

Bending Tolerance

Average air-compressed consumption


Average Electric Power Consumption

5 kW/h

Labeled Electric Power


a) Traction Motor - 7.5 kw

b) Bending Motor 1.8 kw

c) Cutting Motor 2.2 kw

d) Feeding Motor 1.5 kw

e) Air Consumption 2 kw


415 V 50 Hz

Overall Machine Weight

3460 Kg

Working Environmental Temperature

-50 C-400C

Overall Dimension

3530-1030 , 2110 [mm]