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Bar Cutting Machine GQ-60

Bar Cutting Machine GQ-60

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Bar Cutting Machine

  • GQ- 50 Strengthened Heavy Duty Cast Iron Shell
  • Capacity: 6 mm to 40 mm Dia. Rebar
  • Clutch system is provided for safety purpose
  • Blade can be easily replacement
  • Shell/Body of our GQ50 Rebar Cutting Machine is made of Premium raw material cast Iron to attain highest standard of the outer shell of the machine
  • Rollers are provided to facilitate transfer of the rebar over top of the machine‚Äôs head
  • Cutting Blades are covered with the protective metal sheet to provide better safety norms
  • Our GQ50 is Provided with M.C.B. & Protective Cover
  • No skilled required
  • No worry about labour
  • Save time and money

Technical Specifications:



Diameter of cut steel bar

II-grade deformed steel bar

6 mm to 40 mm

Frequency of shock cutting


Havells Motor power

6 HP



Rotation speed of motor


Total weight

550 kg